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1 Brand Look - Maybelline

Posted by : Endi Feng

Tanggal : Friday, 25 July 2014 0 comments

Hi, guys..

Now I'm back with a makeup look using only 1 brand, Maybelline.
Some of the products are sponsored by @MaybellineINA (on Instagram and Twitter).

So, let's go..

OK gotta need new camera for sure. LOL
This is the 'before' picture


Setting Powder

'After' picture using base makeups above
Now, the decorative makeups

For eyebrows, I used this

The eyeshadow I used

The eyeliners

Lightest colour of eyeshadow all over the eyelid - brow bone

Pinkish on the eyelid

Grey-ish dark colour on the outter V and blend to the crease

Black gel eyeliner on the top

Purple and gold eyeliner on the bottom

Lippie just using nude colour to sweeten the look..

And blush using the peachy pink colour to soften my pale complexion.



See you on the next post, guys..
USCITA. Whooosh whooosh sanaaaa~ :)))



Posted by : Endi Feng

Tanggal : Friday, 13 June 2014 0 comments

Disclaimer: this post is sponsored. I was sent contact lenses by Lensza in exchange for my opinion of shopping on their web.


Hi, guys..

How many of you are wearing soft lenses?
I, myself, always wear soft lenses whenever I wanna go hanging out.
It's more comfortable than wearing glasses, the focus point is fixed, unlike glasses which it'll slide.

I've been wearing soft lenses since 7th grade. I was so experimental. Wearing bright blue, or violet lenses made me happy.
But since 10th grade, I stick with green, grey, or hazel lenses because those 3 colors are looking natural on pictures.

Now, shopping for soft lenses are made easy!

Lemme introduce you guys to

It is so convenient to shop at lensza.co.id
Dunno if they are shipping worldwide, but they ship your order all around Indonesia!
Better yet, free shipping fee for Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, and Bekasi.

You just sign up, put your order to the cart, choose your payment method, and it'll be shipped to your place in no time.
Mine only took 2 days for the package came to my place.

My purchase before endorsement at lensza.co.id

Before the endorsement, I've done a purchase on lensza.co.id last March..
And I choose the COD(cash on delivery) payment method..
I was in doubt with lensza at that time.
I mean, how come they wanna do business with such cheap lenses, just 2 pack of color lenses to deliver, free delivery fee, and accept cash on delivery?
Sounds like a joke to me at first.
But it did came to my house.. And I was very happy with the services, the packaging of my purchase was neatly packed.

 The lenses are wrapped in bubble wrap.
There's thank you card, and a discount card too!
So, for you guys who are looking for soft lenses, colored, or prescribed, go to www.lensza.co.id

No need to go out, no transportation/shipping fee, and you can choose to pay to the courier when the package delivered to you.
Easy breezy~
Lots of hot deals are going on lensza.co.id now

Enter code LENS10 upon check out for 10% off on any purchase you make..

Like this one

This is exoticon Ice no.8 in Grey

Above, is me wearing 16mm lenses from exoticon called baby nude lens.
You can purchase it by CLICKING HERE on lensza.co.id

Great no?
Shop for soft lenses made easy. ^^


Finished My Education in School Of Make Up

Posted by : Endi Feng

Tanggal : Sunday, 18 May 2014 0 comments

I have finished my study of professional makeup artistry in Puspita Martha International School of Make Up.

I wanna share my creation on my final national examination, and my classmate with the teachers pictures..

Model: Dwi Nathan

Model: Erna (FAME Management)

CIBTAC Batch V - 2013

To tell you the truth, on my final national examination, I was sick.
My body was heating up like crazy!

But my passion in makeup artistry can't be hold down.


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