Texture Tuesday: Glowing Skin

Hi, y'all~
This week is about glowing skin.

In here, I will share about 3 kinds of glowing skin that I love on me, and my clients.


Korean glow is that oily slick kind of glow. It's almost look like you are sweating, or you're about ready to wash your face at the end of the day. LOL~ Definitely for very dry, and dehydrated skin. Commonly used in fashion photography for glossy complexion.

Just make sure you do your complexion well. 
I used Clinique Even Better foundation.
Then dab volumer gel on the V-area[bridge of nose, cupid bows, apples of the cheek, chin, and forehead] of the face. 
Volumer gel that I used on the photo above is Etude House Nymph Aura number 3.
Do not powder up. Set the makeup using setting spray.

Lips: Bobbi Brown Lip Color in 'Pale Pink'.


Dewy glow is the glow that I always love on every skin type. It can be slightly overwhelming on oily/combination skin though.

Used Shu Uemura Lightbulb liquid foundation number 554, and Maybelline Fit Me concealer in'Sand' under my eyes, chin, bridge of nose, & forehead.
For highlights, ELF Shimmering Facial Whip in 'Golden Peach'.
And MAC Mineralize SkinFinish Natural in 'Medium' to knock the shine off on the sides of nose, under eyes, forehead, & upper lips. Leaving the rest of the face without powder, so the foundation will give dewy glow throughout the day.
For extra glow, Sleek Makeup Face Form in 'Light' to highlight the C-area on the temples, chin, and nose bridge.

Lips: Maybelline Colorshow lipstick in 'True Toffee'.


Instagram glow is what we always see on Instagram app. Chiseled shadings on the cheeks, flawless complexion using light concealers, powdery shimmer highlights.

Beauty addicts are gone cray-cray about this kind of makeup. I am not really into this. HAHA. I find that shadings(or contouring) is a bit 'dirty'. Especially on a round face like me.

I used Revlon Colorstay liquid foundation in 'True Beige' for the base. LA Girl PRO Concealer in 'Creamy Beige' under the eyes, nose bridge, chin, forehead, and cupid bows.
I used 2 highlighting products. BECCA Shimmering Skin Perfector in 'Opal', and Wet N Wild Fergie Shimmer Palette in 'Rose Champagne Glow'.
For colors, Maybelline Dream Bouncy blusher in 'Peachy Satin', and Physician Formula Bronze Booster BBcream.

Lips: Shu Uemura MonShu lipstick in 'Celebrity Beige'.


This is my everyday glow type of face. Satin finish, with some highlighter powder on top.

Matte foundation, some concealer to hide dark circles and redness, highlighter powder, and setting spray.
Any setting spray that I've tried will give a sheen on top of every type of matte makeup.

I used my own mix airbrush makeup foundation. For the setting spray I used ELF Mist & Set.
On the eyes, & face, I used MAC Keepsakes Natural Face Palette. Love this palette very much.

On the lips is Juicy Lip Balm by The Soap Corner[Moporie].


That's it for this week's Texture Tuesday..
Will update more textures of makeup every week. If you have any suggestions of what type of textures to talk about, leave comment below. Or follow me on social medias to chat with me[click the social icons on the top right box that has my face on it].

See you on the next post, beauty enthusiasts!


Texture Tuesday: BOLD MATTE LIPS

Hi, y'all..

So I have new segment called Texture Tuesday. Will update about textures for makeup every week on Tuesday. 

This photo is filtered, hence the perfect blurred skin.

People are mad for matte lippies now. At first, I hate matte lips. It exaggerates dry/chapped lips, and it's not sexy at all.
BUT, I know the secret to matte lips now. Luscious smooth lips. 

  1. Hydrate yourself by drinking water, 
  2. creamy lipbalm before sleep, 
  3. lipbalm every 3-4 hours/after meal, and 
  4. exfoliate your lips using sugar or baby toothbrush 2-3 times a week.

After get rid of that flaky skin from the lips, you are good for any kind of lipstick. And smooth lips to nib for kissing too. LOL

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in Candy Pink.
For a soft pink matte lips, this one is quite bold. Brightens up light-medium skintone instantly. 

Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte in Gangnam Pink[MPK 376]. This particular shade of lipstick did sold out in Asia Pacific once. So famous, I grab the last one in Seibu Grand Indonesia that time. This cool fuchsia pink is such a pretty color. I love to use this on photoshoots or clients for an evening look.

Since introduced to Shu Uemura lipstick, I've been in love. Their formula is so nice. The matte lipsticks although set into silky matte, they are not drying at all. They don't stick the upper & lower lips, last very long too. I hate the lipstick bullet, its round shape can't be resulting into neat application, gotta use lip brush.

L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte in Blaze of Red[R519].
I think this is a nice blue based red lipstick. Bold, but cool. Will look good on fair-light skin. I am light-medium skinned, it suits me less well. (Kelihatan judes sekali..)

L'Oreal Color Riche Moist Matte in Arabian Night[PM412].
This shade is popular among Female Daily Network family. I got it right away. LOL reddish, plum, chocolate, I say it is meant for cool skintone people. It will compliment pale-light skin nicely.

As for the lipstick, it's a hit & miss with me. Like its name, moist matte. The matte finish is still moist, so it's kinda have a sheen on top. Satin finish.
If you really want a matte lips, this is not for you. Great choice for daily wear, as it's not drying the lips, and reasonable price tag too. And the bullet is sharp & slanted, so lip brush is not necessary needed for a neat, outlined finish. 

Lime Crime Velvetine in Wicked.
This reddish brick brown is perfect on my lips. HAHA. I love this color to the bone! As for velvetines, they have great colors. I think I will get all of them. But because of the price(300-375k rupiahs/item!), maybe not. 

Lime Crime Velvetine in Red Velvet.
My first velvetine, and still loving it. This red is great for every skintone, I think. Everybody looks good with this one on instagram. It's crazy, the matte finish is a real deal.

The downside is, it's not smudgeproof. And it keep getting my upper & lower lips stick together, so my center part of the lips always fade away in couple of hours.
Another downside is THE SMELL! Oh My Goodness. Freshly opened, it smells yummy like candy. Now, after 7 months, it has that stale fume. Both Wicked & Red Velvet, they are the same now. Althought I get my Wicked last 5 months. Blegh~

Because it's a liquid lipstick, I never apply it directly on lips using the dove tip applicator. I always prolong the product's life by scoop it out on a palette, and use lip brush. Even my method cannot help this one to hold its shelf life(12M). *sigh*

OK, I have to include this one. 
NYX Soft Matte Lipcream in Istanbul.
I LOVE the smell of this lipcream. So sweet, yumm.. It has a satin matte finish because it's a cream. This cool pink looks really good on pale skin.

The downsides are, it slides, and really exaggerate lip lines. I thought layer it up will help. IT DOES NOT! HAHA.
Not opaque enough as a matte lipstick, for me. But the cheap price tag, and a wide range of shade to choose, it's a nice choice to splurge on if you are a lippies junkie. 


That's it. I hope you enjoy my Texture Tuesday segment. Will update about this every week. 
If you have any idea for makeup texture, and want me to talk about them, lemme know.
Leave comment below, or tweet me! @endi_feng

See ya..


Simple Smoky Look


I am back with another mini tutorial, and miss Ashley Meyer is getting cheekier by days to the end of 2014!

instagram: @endi_feng

I was just practicing my wrist, and feelings on airbrush makeup. I watched Koren of EnKoreMakeup to mix your own airbrush foundation, and I'm obsessed with my own mix now.

Then I was like, "why not do a full face makeup?". Yeah, why not. Also Ashley can camwhore too.. LOL

Lips are SilkyGirl lipliner in 'Mauve', & MAybelline Colorshow lipstick in 'True Toffee'.

Brows are Anastasia Beverly Hills dipbrow pomade in 'Chocolate', & Dollywink browcara number 01.

Eyeshadows are all Shu Uemura. I popped them in a Zpalette, so I don't know names. But I'm sure I used the bronze, & the coral-ish brick blusher in MonShu wine palette(I KNOW!! THE PALETTE IS 2 YEARS OLD ALREADY. Should get the ShuPette palette, but the price is so up high! I don't wanna splurge that much on just a palette.), and a beigy champagne color of Shu Uemura single shadow as highlight color.

To make your eyes look define without taking it too dark or fierce, line the lashline with black eyeliner, and the lower lashline with brown eyeliner(or any colors that is not darker than black!).

I was using Dollywink black pencil eyeliner, & SilkyGirl BiggerEyes pencil eyeliner in brown.

And I love my top faux lashes by LavieLash(click here to shop. Not sponsored)! FYI, this brand is produced in Indonesia. The founders are so pretty, and nice(GOTTA SUPPORT THEM! Them lashes, and girls are gorgeousss~). The lashes are 'Athena', & 'Bluebell' stacked on top.

I create 2 clips for this look on how to achieve the eye makeup, and for how I love the airbrush makeup cover my spots on my cheek.

Will do better clips, promise.

Ok. 2014 is coming to an end. This year is being nothing but a great year to me. Got my diploma in makeup artistry, my noodles shop is being more successful, and so much makeup collaborations with great people.. Feels like crying now. Thank you universe, for the good, and bad things.

People, raise your glass! HERE'S FOR A BETTER, MORE SUCCESSFUL, AND HEALTHIER 2015! 

Happy Holiday, and Happy New Year 2015!!


My Year End Of 2014 Look

Hi, fellas..

I know, I've been caput. Since the last post, everything went crazy in my mind, but came out blank when I want to write it up on blog or twitter. 

Life's been so slow, yet so hectic. With my noodles business, and makeup jobs on the side, finally I've gain my will to write again.


People been crazy about matte lips in 2014. Velvetines, Color Riche Matte, Soft Matte Lip Cream, Rouge Unlimited Matte, Rouge Velvet, and many more matte lip colors.

Instagram: @endi_feng

As for face makeup, I like it glowy, dewy, and not dead matte. My kind of matte face is the satin finish, when going to velvet or powdery finish, my face look so old with the enhanced fine lines, and dry patches.

This post is a collaboration makeup between me, Iva Asih (@iva_asih), and Mukti Lim (@muktilimmakeup).
My Simple, and Fresh Look will come up first! Will update you with their post later before this 2014 ends. *wink*

I will try to guide you to achieve makeup like on the picture above..

Prime, and Foundation

First, prep the skin. I cleansed using Bioderma Sensibio H2O, then hydrate using my L'Occitane Angelica Hydration Gel.
Then prime the skin using 3CE Pore Silky Balm. This is amazing, it fills my pore, and make the foundation/BBcream glides easily on top. Elongated the foundation wearing as well.
To get that extra glowy look, I used the Shu Uemura lightbulb liquid foundation in number 564. It can gets very oily on my skin, so I always blot before set it with powder. Quite convenient to use on daily basis, or for party. As it looks good on picture, if you love the extra dewy/glowy look.


To cover my eyebag, and highlight the high points of my face, 3CE Waterful Concealer number 002 to the rescue. Its light texture makes it easy to use. It slides alright, so gotta set it using powder.
And for my blemishes, MAC Prolong Wear Concealer in NC35. WHAT?! People were like, I should've in NC20-25 range of color. But no, NC35 is my current skintone now. Sometimes I can get onto NC45 if I got tan.. And my love toward this concealer is indescribable. My hate on this one is the pump, I always ALWAYS get it out more than I needed.


To enhance the glow even more(I KNOW! I'M OBSESSED!), E.L.F Essential All Over Color Stick in Persimmon on the high points of face that I applied my 3CE concealer. Just dab it using my concealer brush, keep patting to avoid brush streaks.

Eye primer

Lastly on prepping, the eyes. I used the Etude House Proof 10 eye primer. This primer is good for daily use. Always start with small amount on eye primer, too much could cause creasing/caking. Close the eyes, or look down to the mirror while applying. Do not open eyes until the primer set(this one is a tad watery).

Setting Makeup

Before setting the base makeup using powder, I blot my face using face paper. MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium is my favorite! Lightweight, and satin finish. Press it on the face(not swiping/swirling around) by using a big flat powder brush.

Before moving into the eyes, and face makeup, I wanna show a great multifunction palette for light-medium skintone. Sleek Makeup Face Form in Light.

source: http://www.sleekmakeup.com/makeup/face/contouring/face-form-contour-light

Eye base color

Let's start on the eyes..
Using flat eyeshadow brush, highlight the inner corner of the eyes, and the browbone. And using a big fluffy dome brush, buff the contour shade on the crease area.

Eyelid color

And using small eyeshadow brush, pack on the pink color to the eyelid. Blend it just right below where your contour shade ends. Simple, and fresh eye look for everyday or special occasions where you wanna flashing your bright lipsticks.

Eyeliner, and Mascara

Line, and flick the eyes using pencil eyeliner for the most neutral finish. Maybelline Colorshow eyeliner in Noble Purple.
After curling the eyelashes, lick some mascara on(because I intend to put faux lashes afterward, my real lashes have to support the weight of it). Dior travel mascara.

Faux Lashes

I stacked 2 natural looking faux lashes, and glued it on my eyes closely on top of my real lashes. The faux lashes are Miniso's, got it from my last holiday in Shenzhen.


To match my eyebrows to my hair color, Dollywink eyebrow pencil, and browcara number 02 were doing a great job!

Face Contour

Using the Sleek Face Form light palette, I start to contour my face. Just a little bit, not too strong. I showed you where to put my contour, and just blend upward by circular motion.


Dab on the blusher to the upper cheek. I love to lift my cheekbones by applying my blusher on high. Try not to smile while applying blusher.

Highlight Powder

Hightlight, again! HAHA
Lightly dust some highlight powder on the C-area, cupid bows, short chin, and nose bridge. Not too much!

Lips color

I fell into the matte lips trend.
Shu Uemura Rouge Unlimited Matte in Candy Pink. Love this bright warm pink. Not too loud.
NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul. Hate the formula on my lips, love the color. It makes my lips fuller without adding any gloss.
For more OOMPH!, dust some highlight powder on the center of the lower lips using eyeshadow brush.



I hope you find this post helpful to guide you put on your best face on your year end events, or any other events.

I wish you Merry Christmas 2014, and Happy New Year 2015!